Tampa Sisters Want Answers For Cold Case

Oct 20, 2017

Sharon Scott and Sheila Williams of Tampa had been searching for their sister, Brenda Williams, ever since she disappeared in 1978.

Last year, the two had their DNA tested to see if it matched a cold case victim they saw at a University of South Florida symposium. It didn't.

However, a jaw bone that had been found in a Tampa field in the 1980's did match. The sisters finally knew that Brenda had died.

WUSF's Jackson Cardarelli spoke to Sharon and Sheila.

Sharon says their family's desire for answers drove them for so long.

"One thing that my mother taught us - there's twelve of us, and my mother taught us a lot of stability. A lot of steadfastness. And that was the key to not giving up. I've done my own investigative work, and it started back in 1978."

Hear from the sisters by clicking the link above and see the moment they came face-to-face with what they thought was the reconstruction of Brenda Williams' face at last year's USF Symposium in the "University Beat TV" clip below.