Tampa Bay Region Renters And Homeowners Can Apply For Rent And Mortgage Relief

Jul 21, 2020

Florida counties will soon distribute federal money to help people pay their rent or mortgage.

Governor Ron DeSantis in June targeted $250 million in CARES Act funds for people having a hard time with payments due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, DeSantis said the initial stages of the program are underway.

“Hundreds of thousands of Floridians who may have already had difficulty making ends meet are now suffering even more losing a job," he said. “This has been a profound disruption to people’s lives and we have a responsibility to help meet needs in this regard. This $250 million dollar statewide program with CARES Act money for rental and housing relief can address at least some of that economic anxiety and general stress that so many of our residents have felt over these many months.”

The amount counties received is based on population. Hillsborough--the greater Tampa Bay region's largest county-- has been allocated the most money -- about $4.3 million dollars.

Impacted homeowners and renters can apply for CARES Act assistance through their local housing office.

Assistance is being provided for costs incurred between March 1st and December 30th of this year.

For a list of CARES act allocation for housing click here