StoryCorps Tampa Bay: An Olympic Inspiration

May 12, 2014

Peter A. Torino and his son, Peter W. Torino of Seminole.
Credit StoryCorps

When 83-year-old Peter A. Torino was a young child, he had an accident in his father’s workshop. The son of two immigrants was standing near the old Chevy his father was repairing when some gasoline spilled on to his legs and he went up in flames. The severity of the burns made it seem like he would never walk again. He talked with his son, Peter W. Torino of Seminole, about how Olympic runner Glenn Cunningham inspired his recovery.


  • Willie Watson, “Kittie Puss,” Folk Singer, Vol. 1
  • Chris Thile, “Bridal Veil Falls,” Not All Who Wander Are Lost

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