StoryCorps Tampa Bay: College Roommates, Forever Friends

Jun 2, 2014

College roommates and longtime friends Ernest Hooper and Mike Sexton.
Credit StoryCorps

Many of us have great memories of our college dorm experiences, and according to two roommates, you couldn’t have found a better place and time then the third floor of Jennings Hall at the University of Florida in 1982.

Tampa Bay Times columnist Ernest Hooper and Mike Sexton were roommates their freshman year, and have remained friends ever since. It's a remarkable fact, not just because of the years they’ve remained in contact, but also because of the chaos they subjected each other and their dorm mates to. That’s not to say their neighbors didn’t retaliate.

In this installment of StoryCorps Tampa Bay, we hear about some of those antics, and peer into a now 30-year-long friendship.


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