Storm Surge Specialist on 2017 Hurricane Season & NOAA's New Warning System

May 26, 2017
Originally published on May 25, 2017 2:08 pm

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Hurricane Center issues its 2017 Hurricane season outlook Thursday. NOAA meteorologist Jamie Rhome explains what’s in store for Southwest Florida in the months ahead.  

Rhome, a storm surge specialist, also talks about the Hurricane Center’s new storm surge watch and warning system that will predict the land impact of storm surge waters.

Most of the deaths associated with hurricanes are from water, and most of those deaths are a result of storm surges. Also joining the show is Gerald Campbell, the Emergency Manager at FGCU, to talk about the common misconception, particularly in Southwest Florida, that high winds are the most dangerous part of hurricanes. He says we’ve been lucky so far, but storm surges can have more far-reaching and devastating effects. 

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