Stay At Home Orders Make Artists Pivot

In-person art performances have been off-limits for most people since coronavirus changed our daily routines.

But that's not stopping actors and artists from their craft, says Bob Devin Jones, co-founder and artistic director of Studio@620, a small performing arts venue in St. Petersburg.

Jones was a guest Tuesday on The State We're In - a Facebook Live show from WUSF and WMFE in Orlando.

He says stay-at-home orders and the inability to perform in front of people is making artists pivot.

“And creative people, the one thing that gives them ballast, is to create. So given, these given circumstances, I'm seeing examples of creativity,” Jones said.

Jones says Studio@620 doesn't want to bring audiences together until safety concerns about the spread of COVID-19 are gone.

To see the full conversation and more of his take on the future of live art, click the link below. Also, visit The State We're In Facebook page.

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