Special Session A Burden To Tax Payers, Boon To Local Businesses

Jun 7, 2017
Originally published on June 6, 2017 4:47 pm

This week’s special legislative session is expected to cost taxpayers more than $100,000. But the three-day long process could be a boon for Tallahassee’s local economy.

Lawmakers, staff and lobbyists are returning to the capital this week, to rehash budget issues during what’s slated to be a three-day long process. Florida Tax Watch says the estimated cost of the special session could land between $60,000 - $70,000 per day. But the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce’s Jay Revell says they might be the only ones in town who are excited to see lawmakers come back.

“People that work in the actual government affairs world might have to work a little bit more this summer than they typically would, but a lot of people are always happy to see extra business coming into to town when it might not necessarily come otherwise,” Revell said.

Revell doesn’t have hard numbers on the expected spending of state politicos. But he says it’s clear local businesses stand to gain from the special session, from hotels and restaurants to coffee shops and dry cleaners. 

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