Senator Nelson Speaks Out Against E-Cigarettes

Jul 11, 2014

Tobacco commercials were banned in 1971. However, nicotine has found its way back into the marketing game via e-cigarettes. Florida U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson says e-cigarette advertising should be banned and e-cigarette liquid containers need to be childproofed.

E-cigarettes contain a nicotine infused liquid that can be deadly when ingested.

E-cigarette and e-liquid

After filing a bill requiring child safety caps on liquid nicotine containers on Thursday, Sen. Nelson says banning e-cigarettes advertising is next.

"I am also sponsoring a bill with Senator (Barbara) Boxer that would stop the advertising of e-cigarettes, sometimes it is very attractive models, in other cases it's cartoons, and in other cases, they have the flavors that are very appealing to young people," Nelson said.

Senator Nelson says he expects cooperation with the e-cigarette companies for child-proofing, but the commercial ban is a different story.