Rubio Rallies Florida Support Ahead Of Primary

Mar 12, 2016

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio made several campaigns stops in Florida on Saturday, with a big focus on the Tampa Bay region.

Rubio appeared in Hudson, Tampa, Lakeland and Largo, where about 250 people turned out on Saturday morning for the rally in the parking lot of Beckwith Electric.

“I can't believe he's right here, but it shows you how important this area is for the primaries,” said John Proni, who was there with a poster that was made by his daughter. “I did pay her $10 to make the sign. I wanted it red, white and blue, but she added some pink and yellow and so forth, so, we’ll take it.”

At the rally, Rubio thanked people who have already voted, and asked them to encourage others to get to the polls.

"No matter what happened up to this point, it would come up to this state, because Florida awards 99 delegates to the winner of the state. If someone wins, if I win, Florida by one vote, I get all 99 delegates,” Rubio said.

  Nancy Lewis of Pinellas Park said she has liked a lot of what Rubio has said in the debates.

“I wanted to come in person and see what he has to say before I head over to early voting,” Lewis said.

Sandra Bellomo of Seminole said she thinks Rubio probably won't get the nomination, but he has her vote.

"I have to do what my heart tells me what to do, what my American spirit tells me what to do, and this guy has the wherewithal to take us where we're supposed to be,” Bellomo said.

The Republican primary in Florida is winner-take-all. The prize is 99 delegates.