Puerto Rican Native Wants To Give Back To Her Battered Island

Sep 20, 2017

Most of Puerto Rico is without power Wednesday after Hurricane Maria slammed into the island as a Category 4 storm.

Now a Tampa attorney with roots on the island is collecting goods for survivors of the storm.

Oxalis Garcia has family in the capital, San Juan, as well as in the western part of the island. She posted a video on her Facebook page showing her parents holding back the front door because of the heavy winds.

So Garcia wants to do something.

"When you have family far away and they're suffering through a natural disaster, there's not much you can do when you're far away," she said. "You can't really hug them, you can't kiss them. You cannot console them. So I thought that the best way that I could do - and I could keep myself sane, quite honestly - was to think what can I do to help them? So I can help them in the aftermath."

Oxalis Garcia
Credit Facebook

Garcia is collecting canned goods, diapers, wipes, water, and anything else that would be useful after the storm. Items can be delivered to her office, Oxalis Law Firm, on Himes Avenue in Tampa. They will also pick up items, if needed.

This is from her Facebook post:

My hometown was lucky with Irma, but no so much with Maria. I have many loved ones who are currently experiencing nature's wrath.
I am also collecting donations of canned goods , diapers, wipes, water, etc to send over to Puerto Rico, to help them during this trying time.
If interested in contributing please call my office at 7278356595. We will come to you for pick up or you can drop off at 2701 N Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33607