Orlando Looks To Be More Welcoming To Craft Brewers, Distillers

May 18, 2016

Orlando wants to make it easier to open brew pubs.

The Municipal Planning Board will consider changes this week city code to make it easier to get microbreweries approved. Current city laws classify breweries as industrial land uses, which can limit where they go in Orlando. There are also limits to the amount of space that can be used for a tasting room, restaurant or other uses in industrial properties.

City staff wrote that the changes will help Orlando compete with Portland, Asheville and San Diego, which have a culture of microbreweries. San Diego, in particular, has logged $300 million in economic activity from brewpubs and microbreweries since 2011.

“Cities and regions compete for a young, educated, high-wage workforce,” staff wrote. “These demographic groups are seeking locales that have a vibrant night-life scene, and companies are following these workers. Craft brewing, winery, and distillery uses, are adding to the diversity of a cities’ entertainment offerings aimed at attracting knowledge workers.”

The ordinance will also apply to micro wineries and craft spirit distilleries. Check here for more.