With One Power Plant Going Offline, Lakeland Electric Turns To Neighbor For More Power

5 minutes ago

Lakeland Electric is going to need more power later this month, after it brings down its sole coal-powered plant for repairs.

Spokesman Chris Neal said, "We normally don't schedule that kind of maintenance for the summer months, because, as you know, people run their air conditioners and demand is high, but it was a special circumstance where we had to bring that unit down for a few days."

To meet customer demand, Neal said Lakeland Electric will be buying electricity from Orlando Utilities Commission.

“It's not uncommon at all, especially when a plant goes down for maintenance, to purchase power from a neighboring utility to fill your needs until your plants come back on,” Neal said.

Neal said the utility recently announced it plans to retire the coal-fired plant by 2024. 

He said these repairs should take about a week to complete.