New Focus For League Of Women Voters: Electric Cars

Oct 22, 2019

A new report card ranks how Florida’s cities and counties are embracing electric vehicles. It comes from a surprising source: The League of Women Voters of Florida.  

The group issues report cards on range of issues, from gun control to election reform. Deirdre Macnab, LWV’s former president, said it was time to add electric vehicles to the mix.  

“It's our hope, and it certainly has had that impact in other areas where we've released progress reports or report cards, that elected officials are sensitive to grades,” she said. “And we want them to see that Florida has made some significant progress.” 

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The league ranks cities and counties by the number of public vehicle chargers per 10,000  residents. Monroe County and the city of Naples are on top. Pinellas County and the city of Sarasota are highest ranking in the Tampa Bay region.  

A handful of counties, including Hardee and Glades, have no chargers.