New Florida Golf Cart Law in Effect

Jul 1, 2013

Over 150 new laws went into effect in Florida today. One of them was the option to covert faster golf carts - or similar low-speed vehicles - to even lower-speed carts, saving golf cart owners registration and insurance fees.

A regular golf cart only goes up to 20 mph. Low-speed vehicles can zoom by at more than 20 mph but not more than 25 mph. Unlike golf carts, low-speed vehicles have to be registered and insured.

Low-speed vehicle, or faster golf cart, owners can now bypass annual registration and insurance fees.

The new law permits low-speed vehicles to be converted into regular golf cart status for a one time fee of $40 dollars.

Sen. Alan Hays' district includes The Villages - the biggest retirement community in Central Florida. He said this law further accommodates golf cart owners.

"The Villages itself is a community that was designed with golf cart usage in mind and consequently they have trails, they have specific parking spaces for them," he said.  "And more than anything else, just a wonderful convenience is what it boils down to."

Annual registration costs for low speed vehicles average between $46 to $57.