Meet The Hollywood Hills Girl Who Made Football History

Oct 6, 2017
Originally published on October 5, 2017 5:53 pm

Holly Neher is (unofficially) the first female in Florida history to start at quarterback on a high school football team. It's only unofficial because the Florida High School Athletic Association has not been able to confirm it.

In her first game in August, Neher threw a 42-yard touchdown pass, again a first in Florida high school sports.

She did it again in her second game, this time a 54-yard touchdown in another win for Hollywood Hills High School.

Neher is not only breaking ground as an athlete in Florida for countless other young women; she's also an honor student with dreams of going to law school. The 16-year-old junior has fast become a national name.

Neher is certainly not the first female to play high school football in the U.S., but she is arguably at the head of the table of a very select group of young women. 

How did her coach feel about putting her on the team? How did her mother feel about Holly playing tackle football? What are her competitors saying? Listen to our conversation on Thursday's Sundial right here, or find us on iTunes.


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