Library Of Congress Looking For Vets' Stories

May 25, 2017

As Memorial Day approaches, the Library of Congress is calling on families and friends of those who served in uniform to help preserve their stories.

The hope is rally volunteers to collect personal accounts of American war veterans on video, audio and in writing so that future generations can learn of the realities of war first hand.

The stories and materials will be chronicled in the Veterans History Project which was started by Congress in 2000. Ever since then, the Library of Congress has been marshalling volunteers to interview veterans and share their stories.

The Library of Congress also is collecting remembrances from family members about war veterans who are already gone.

“If you have photos, diaries or journals of a deceased veteran, please consider donating them to us. And if you can record your memories of your deceased vet, we’d love to add that to their collection,” states a Veterans History Project public service announcement.

Complete guidelines on how to record your memories as well as donate materials are available online at