Less Than Two Months After Fire, Eastpoint Recovery Focuses On Meeting Needs Of Displaced

Aug 7, 2018
Originally published on August 6, 2018 4:24 pm

Those helping victims of Franklin County’s Eastpoint community recover from a devastating fire say all the displaced are having their needs met.

Joe Taylor heads Franklin’s Promise, the community coalition helping people get on their feet. The nonprofit stocks trailers purchased by the Franklin County Commission with necessities for temporary housing. Taylor says the 24 trailers account for all people who were without shelter.

“We do not know of an unmet need, that we’re aware of, that’s not been met,” Taylor said.

Taylor says of the about 280 people impacted by the fire, many were still able to live in houses that were only partially damaged. Franklin’s Promise has been helping those people as well.

“We have given out multiple rounds of cleaning supplies and assistance for those places that are still inhabitable to be cleaned and prepped,” Taylor said.

The Franklin County Sherriff’s Office also donated six trailers for temporary housing. Meanwhile, Franklin’s promise and other agencies have also helped outfit 77 Eastpoint children with backpacks and school supplies for the year.

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