Hurricane Forecasters Now Monitoring Two Systems For Possible Development

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are now monitoring two tropical waves that don’t appear to have much chance of developing into tropical systems, but still serve as a reminder that we are in the midst of hurricane season.

Forecasters continue to keep an eye on a wave in the northeastern Caribbean that was tracking toward Florida on Monday. The track, however, has shifted to the east, and appears likely to approach the state by the weekend before skirting the East Coast.

While the Caribbean islands – including Puerto Rico and the Bahamas – could experience locally heavy rain, the system has only a 10 percent chance of further development in the next five days as it passes over land and encounters wind shear, forecasters said.

Another wave formed off the coast of Africa on Tuesday morning and is forecast to move west at about 15-20 mph, forecasters said. It has a 20 percent chance of development later in the week as it makes its way across the Atlantic Ocean.