How To Make Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Dec 19, 2017

Instead of buying a gift this holiday season, why not make something?  Here are some ideas about what you can create from Tracy Shaw, whose blog,, says she gets the whole family involved in crafting for the holidays.

“I want simple. One of my favorites is mason jar crafts. They're easy, and you grab a couple cans of spray paint and we're done. You can fill 'em with candies, actually I've made several for my neighbors over the years and we put Christmas flowers in them too. 'Cause they're great for vases,” Shaw said.  

Watch this video with Tracy Shaw created by WUSF’s Andy Lalino to find out more about the snow globe craft.

Shaw says you can spray paint mason jars a light blue with a silver ribbon around the top and fill it with candy. You can also get red and white carnations on sale, and fill a jar you've painted with red and white stripes. You can also paint a mason jar red and hot glue a ribbon across the center to look like Santa.