How To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Aug 29, 2017

Remember that line used by President Ronald Reagan, "trust but verify?"

With news about the calamity and suffering in Texas wrought by Hurricane Harvey, the first instinct for many may be to send clothing or food.

But Ashley Post of Charity Navigator says giving money is the most effective way to help right now.

“But remembering that these are real people who need real support and making sure that your donation goes to a reputable organization: someone who will use the money well now and in the future and who knows what the needs in the community are,” Post said.

Charity Navigator has compiled a list of highly-rated charities, based on financial health, accountability and transparency and effective use of funding for the charity's programs -- plus avoidance of scandals and scams.  Post says typically if an organization is spending over 70 percent on its programs, they are "highly-rated." You can find Charity Navigator's "Hurricane Harvey Charity List" here

It's filled with big national charitable organizations that can help in the short-term and local, Texas-based organizations that are in it for the long haul.