Hillsborough County Schools Releases Proposed Changes To School Schedule

Apr 19, 2017

More than 4,000 people have weighed in on a plan that would change school schedules in Hillsborough County.

The school district will vote next week on a proposal to adjust the times when school bells ring.

Hillsborough County School Superintendent Jeff Eakins will make the district's pitch at a special school board meeting next Tuesday. The plan calls for changes to arrival and dismissal times for the district's public schools.

School district spokesperson Tanya Arja says some adjustments have been made, but parents should still expect changes.

"Because our current arrival and dismissal times do not allow enough time for our bus drivers to get students to and from school on time,” she said.

But many parents voiced concern about the changes, citing issues from child care to sleep deprivation.

Some parents of high school students say an earlier start time means their kids won't get enough sleep.

Meanwhile high schoolers in Pinellas and Polk counties already begin their school day at 7 am.

The proposed changes would not go in effect until 2018. The proposed schedule can be found on the Hillsborough County Schools website.