Hawks Taking Care Of Ybor City Chicken Problem

Jul 20, 2018

Tampa City Council members decided today to allow Ybor City’s wild chickens to continue roaming the neighborhood.

This comes after last month's meeting where some residents complained about the chickens while others spoke in favor of them. 

Sal Ruggiero, manager of the city's neighborhood enhancement division, said since the June 7 meeting, the chicken population in Ybor City has dramatically dropped and hawks are the likely culprit.

"The first time I came here, I reported that around Centennial Park, there were 89 roosters. When we went back last week, there's 29," he said. “The folks that testified today are saying the hawks are taking care of the problem a little bit.”

Earlier in the meeting, Ruggiero suggested changing the city ordinance protecting the chickens and their eggs so his department could remove eggs to control the population.

But council members now want to put that idea on hold and let nature takes it course.