Gov Scott Urges Vigilance As Hurricane Maria Thrashes Caribbean

Sep 20, 2017
Originally published on September 19, 2017 2:33 pm

Florida is still dusting itself off after the Hurricane Irma, but Governor Rick Scott is encouraging Floridians to stay prepared.

Some Floridians are still waiting for power—particularly in Highlands, Lee, Collier and Monroe counties.  Statewide, about two percent of accounts don’t have electricity.  Governor Scott warns there could be more storms coming.

“The big thing now is let’s all remember we’re in hurricane season,” Scott says.  “This is going on for another couple months.”  

“So don’t take this for granted that we’re not—just because we had one, we’re not going to get another one.”

Hurricane Maria is barreling through the Caribbean, and it could hit Puerto Rico Wednesday.  Early forecasts suggest the storm will turn away from Florida, but Scott notes Irma’s path diverged from projections.

“Right now it appears the path is going east of Florida,” he says, “but let’s all remember that when Irma started it was supposed to hit our east coast.  And so let’s all make sure we all keep watching this and everybody get prepared.”

Maria could bring very heavy rain to the islands in its path.   Forecasts suggest isolated areas of Puerto Rico could see more than two feet of precipitation.

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