Gov Scott Proposes Tax Cuts And Evironmental Spending With 'A Little Bit Of A Deficit'

Nov 13, 2017
Originally published on November 10, 2017 11:07 am

This week, Governor Rick Scott announced tax cuts he'd like to have in place for next year. But he also recently said he wants to spend almost $2 billion dollars on environmental projects. 

On Monday, at a Fort Myers-based manufacturing company, Scott outlined his proposal for tax cuts for Floridians next year.

“A hundred-eighty million dollars in tax reductions," said Scott. "It’s sales tax holidays to buy supplies for your children to go back to school, three one-week sales tax holidays to get ready for hurricane season next year. And back in 2009, they raised your fee to get a driver’s license. I wanna get that down to twenty bucks.”

Scott also said he wants to have a ballot initiative that would make it more difficult for Florida legislators to raise taxes and fees.

This comes after an announcement back in October, proposing $1.7 billion in environmental spending—money that’d go toward Everglades restoration and Herbert Hoover Dike repairs.

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Republican State Representative Jim Boyd of Bradenton, who chairs the Florida House’s Ways and Means Committee, said it might be too soon to judge the feasibility of the governor’s proposals.

“It is a very tight budget year," said Boyd. "We’re expected—at this point after the hurricane—to be operating at a little bit of a deficit.”

Boyd said that means the state legislature will have to find ways to cut spending in other places. 

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