Gillum Stumps Before Tiger Bay

Jun 1, 2017
Originally published on May 31, 2017 6:16 pm

Tallahassee’s Mayor and Candidate for Florida Governor Andrew Gillum brought his stump speech to the Capital Tiger Bay Club today (Wednesday, 5/31).

Although admitting his bid is a bit of a long shot, Gillum insisted he has a chance to take the Democratic primary – and even the governor’s mansion – next year. While self-identifying as being on the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party, Gillum revealed he’s not afraid to take his message to an area known as a hotbed of conservative Republicans. Namely The Villages near Ocala, where he was surprised to find a warm reception and even financial support during a recent rally there.

“And they sent this thing around with a volunteer collecting donations and when that thing made it back to me they had raised nearly $5,000 in $5, $10 and $20 contributions,” he recalled.

Because of that and some high-powered endorsements on the state and even national level, Gillum was optimistic about his chances.

“And so I play to run this race and I’m going to go everywhere and talk to everybody and what I would love is to ask you all to join us on what might feel like an improbable journey, but I believe is wholly possible.”

As of now, Gillum is among 6 Democratic contenders for governor on the Florida Secretary of State’s list for the 2018 election.

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