Get Used To Roundabouts

Sep 4, 2018

Floridians seem to have a love-hate relationship with roundabouts. But they may have to get used to them, because they are popping up all over the state and Dr. Pei-Sung Lin of USF's Center for Transporation Research, who specializes in Intelligent Transporation Systems, predicts we are likely to see more of them.

According to the Florida Department of Transporation, there are about 300 modern roundabouts in cities and towns across Florida and 20 in use on state highways.

Lin said with proper lane markings, roundabouts can increase safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Compared to stop control or signal intersections, Lin said, quoting data from the Florida Department of Transportation, "there are fewer crashes and that's 90 percent fewer fatalities and 75 percent fewer injuries" when roundabouts are used at intersections.

He said they also make it easier for law enforcement to see what is happening in the intersection, to better enforce the law.