Gas Prices In Tampa Bay Among Lowest In State, AAA Says

If you thought gas prices have been getting pleasantly low in the last week, you’re right. And if you live in the Tampa Bay area, you should be especially thankful.

Gas prices in the region are among the lowest in the state, according to AAA.

The price of gas dipped around 8 cents a gallon last week, to an average of $2.44 a gallon.

That average has settled in at a tidy $2.35 in Tampa Bay, according to AAA, making it the least expensive metro market in the state along with Punta Gorda and Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice.

That’s in contrast to Tallassee and Panama City, where the average price of gas is $2.62 a gallon. Gainesville, meanwhile, is at $2.55.

As of Sunday, the price of gas across the state was about 20 cents less than the previous month, and 37 cents less than this time last year, according to AAA. It also is 36 cents less than this year’s high of $2.80 in April.