Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition Finds "Civilization" Hard to Escape

Jan 29, 2012

A group of wildlife conservationists are currently traversing the length of Florida by kayak, bicycle - and on foot. It's one thousand miles in one hundred days, and WUSF is keeping up with the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition. They're calling attention to the need to connect the state's disjointed wild areas into a contiguous wildlife corridor.

They began two weeks ago at the tip of the Everglades, and they've paddled through some of the remotest swamps in Florida. But still, they say even places people seldom visit have been affected by the hand of man.

That includes invasive plants sprouting in the middle of the Everglades' famed River of Grass, noise from nearby construction and even planes stacked up to land in nearby Miami. WUSF's Carson Cooper talks with Elam Stoltzfus, a cinematographer who's documenting their journey.