Florida Releases School Grades For 2016

Jul 8, 2016

Florida has released its annual report card for the state’s public schools.

The number of F-rated schools in the state dropped but there were also fewer A-rated schools.

Statewide, school grades tended to be average. The number of C's increased significantly while there were 90 more B’s and four more D's.

The Florida Department of Education issues the annual report card based on student performance on state standardized tests.

The department gives each school a letter grade based on a variety of factors, which were revised earlier this year. Now, the grading scale includes up to 11 different components.

Schools with top or improved grades can earn extra money while those with low ones face extra state oversight.

According to the data, Hillsborough County Public Schools earned 51 A’s and 11 F’s.

Pinellas County received 34 A’s and 3 F’s.

Pasco had 14 A's and 3 F's, while Polk received 19 A’s and 6 F's.

Manatee County earned 5 A’s and 5 F’s.

In Sarasota, 22 schools were graded A, and there were no F- rated schools.

For a complete list of school grades, click here.