Florida Holidays: Smoked Mullet Is a Must

Dec 6, 2012

Robin Sussingham's father, Bob Trohn, wades in the Manatee River at the dock off his home.
Credit Courtesy of Robin Sussingham

For my  family, the traditional holiday food is smoked mullet.

My father, Bob Trohn, has been catching and smoking mullet at his home on the river in Palmetto for more than a quarter century. When the extended family all congregate there at Christmas-time, there's always enough smoked mullet to eat and to give away to friends.

I followed my father around the dock one weekend, to see how it's done.  (A version of the story originally aired on American Public Media's Weekend America).

What unexpected food is a must-have on your holiday table? Send us a story, photo or recipe for our Florida Holidays project.