Florida Holidays: Publix Commercials Make Us Cry

Dec 13, 2012

WUSF reporter/producer Dalia Colón rarely cries over movies, but this Publix commercial had her in pieces.
Credit YouTube screen shot

Confession: Publix holiday commercials turn me to mush.

Maybe it's the music. Maybe it's because I'm already in the holiday spirit. Or maybe it's just good marketing.

Whenever a holiday approaches, I brace myself for a good cry, courtesy of the Lakeland-based supermarket chain.

The ads are like little movies. Even the Spanish-language commercials fill my eyes with lágrimas.

This one from 2008 still gets to me:

But it's not just the commercials around Christmastime. I also got misty-eyed over this Valentine's Day ad:

Even Mother's Day commercial made me tear up... and that was before I became a mom.

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