Creativity In The 'PINC' Coming To Sarasota

Dec 7, 2015

Sarasota this week is hosting an out-of-the-ordinary symposium that has its roots in the Netherlands.

This is the second year the city has hosted the Amercian version of the PINC Conference, a symposium that's brought together creative types in the Netherlands the past 16 years. Think of it as a European version of TED Talks, with a twist.

Sixteen speakers will be featured at the second conference of PINC, which stands for People, Ideas, Nature and Creativity. They range from a BMW executive who focus on how the car brand cars sound, to natural history filmmakers to a scientist who created what's called The Cloud Appreciation Society.

WUSF's Lisa Peakes spoke  with Anand Pallegar, director of PINC USA, about how the program's blending of arts, science and even food together changes the way people see the world.