Classical Music of the Olympics Rolls on with WSMR

Feb 17, 2014

Fireworks explode behind the Olympic flame cauldron Friday, February 7, announcing the official opening of the Winter Olympics in in Sochi, Russia.
Credit Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images/courtesy NPR

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, continue into their third week, so does the music of the games on Classical WSMR.

WSMR has been bringing you musical impressions of the games, as well as the host and participating countries.  That will continue through the conclusion of competition this Friday.

WSMR will have a different “theme” highlighting some of the events or countries that are participating in the Winter Games.

There will also be updates on the latest medal winners at various times during the day (don't worry, you'll be warned in advance so your prime time viewing isn't disturbed!).

Today, it's lots of American music in celebration of Presidents' Day.

Tomorrow, February 18 will feature music from the various cities that have hosted the Olympics over the years, like Paris (Mozart), London (Haydn) and Dawn on the Moscow River (Mussorgsky).

On Wednesday, February 19, it's music and performers that will be featured during the Winter International Arts Festival in Sochi, which this year coincides with the Olympics. 

Gracie Gold finished fourth at the 2014 Winter Olympics Team Ladies Free Skating event held last week in Sochi, Russia.

Thursday, February 20 will highlight music used during one of the most popular events - the free program of the women's ice skating competition, including Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty, which American Gracie Gold (right) is expected to perform to.

And as the Olympics come to a close this coming weekend, Classical WSMR will wrap up its special on Friday, February 21, with a recap of the games with lots of great music and significant moments from Sochi.

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