Citrus County Teacher Resigns After Discovery Of White Nationalist Views

Apr 3, 2018

A Florida middle school teacher accused of promoting racist views has resigned.

The educator first came under fire after it was revealed she was the host of a white nationalist podcast.

On her show called “Unapologetic,” social studies teacher Dayanna Volitich, argued that some races are smarter than others and suggested that Muslims be exterminated to prevent terrorism.

A recent investigation from the Huffington Post discovered Volitich - operating under the pseudonym 'Tiana Dalichov' - used the podcast to spread her white nationalist ideals.

The 25-year old also bragged about hiding her beliefs from school administrators. She has since said her show was meant as political satire.

The Citrus County School District removed Volitich from the classroom and an investigation is ongoing.

She was in her second year as a teacher at Crystal River Middle School. The district said there were no complaints in her personnel file.

Her resignation isn’t final until it’s accepted by the school board but that approval is expected at its next scheduled meeting on April 10.