Award-Winning Actress Alfre Woodard Campaigns For Clinton In Tampa

Oct 28, 2016

On Thursday morning, Emmy Award-winning actress Alfre Woodard stopped by Open Cafe in east Tampa to make the case for Hillary Clinton. 

Woodard spoke to a crowd of roughly 50 Clinton supporters. She alluded to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, but didn't mention him by name. 

"No matter how stunning he gets in his ridiculousness, this election is not about him. It never was," she said. "This election is about us. It is about our boys as well as our girls. It's about all of us." 

Woodard went on to say that Florida is a microcosm for America and democracy.

Credit Quincy Walters / WUSF News

"You're a big state, there's a lot of different energy, people come from all over the country and come here," she said. "So, it's invigorating." 

Democratic state Senator Arthenia Joyner was there. She said Hillsborough County is a bellwether for the outcome of elections. 

"The road to the White House leads through Hillsborough County," she said. 

Clinton was in Tampa at Curtis Hixon Park on Wednesday ; Trump was in Tampa on Monday. 

Many polls show Clinton with a slight lead over Trump in Florida.