Are You Working The COVID-19 Front Lines In Health Care? Tell Us Your Story

Jul 16, 2020

Florida is now the epicenter of COVID-19 in the United States.

The progression of COVID-19 is predictable: Case counts go up, hospital admissions rise, and then ICU admissions increase. And finally, the death toll rises.

We need to hear from doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, environmental staff and administrators about what’s happening on the front lines of the war against COVID-19. Now more than ever, your stories are vital.

Are there enough beds and ventilators? Are there staffing shortages? Can the health care system handle the current influx of patients, or will the death toll increase from the scarcity of resources?

Take our survey and tell us your story. We won’t use your name without your express permission. You can also choose to stay anonymous. Either way, we need to hear from you.