Ahead Of Fall Semester, Colleges Gear Up For Classes During COVID-19

Colleges and universities across Florida are just weeks away from the latest version of pandemic-era instruction.

Erika Greenberg-Schneider is a professor of graphic design at the University of South Florida. She's spent the spring and summer semesters learning to videotape lectures.

“We're getting it, but maybe it just takes a little bit longer and it's a little bit more awkward,” Greenberg-Schneider said. 

Greenberg-Schneider was on a guest earlier today on The State We're In - a Facebook Live show from WUSF and WMFE in Orlando. She was joined by Divya Kumar, a higher education reporter at the Tampa Bay Times. 

This fall, Greenberg-Schneider is eager to return to a campus studio where she and a handful of students can remain six-feet apart. Other students will be watching on camera, either in another campus studio, or from home.

“This university is offering us face masks and a whole bunch of other things to happen in the classroom to make sure we feel safe, which I'm fine with," she said. "Because I do think that something is lost in a studio class if you can not at least have a little bit of face-to-face time.”

Enrollment for in-person classes at state universities in Florida is being limited, and offered mostly for hands-on classes like the arts and labs.

To see the full conversation with her and Divya Kumar, visit The State We're In Facebook page.

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