Above Average Rain Levels Poured Over Tampa In July

Aug 2, 2019

If you felt like you’ve pulled out your umbrella more than usual in July, it’s not just your imagination.

The Tampa Bay area was drenched by more rain than usual last month.

On average, Tampa sees 7.07 inches of rain in July.  Last month, the National Weather Service reported the city was hit with 11.01 inches.

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network meteorologist Megan Borowski said August might offer a bit of relief. 

“It looks like for the first half of August at least, Tampa’s on track to get about average rain to below average rain," Burowski said. "But remember we are in hurricane season, so one system could skew things from being below average to above average in terms of rain."

In July, Sarasota-Bradenton received 13.92 inches of rain, compared with an average of 7.98 inches.

Spectrum Bay News Nine reported that St Pete-Clearwater International Airport got 18.09 inches of rain during the month, 8.97 above normal. Lakeland received 10.31 inches, 2.82 above average. Brooksville saw 12.9 inches, 4.86 above average.