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2020 Elections: Florida's Qualified Candidates For Federal And State Races

Thomas Iacobucci/WUSF Public Media

The deadline for candidates to qualify in Florida for state senator and representative races was noon today. Here's a list of the candidates who qualified for both federal and state elections ahead of the party primaries on Aug. 18. The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 3. (Note: This list will be updated throughout the day as election offices make more information available.)

U.S. House of Representatives
(In districts serving the greater Tampa Bay area)

District 9

  • Castillo, Jose (REP)
  • Hill, Clay (WRI)
  • Olson, William P. "Bill" (REP)
  • Ortiz, Sergio E. (REP)
  • Soto, Darren (DEM) *Incumbent
  • Wright, Christopher (REP)

District 10

  • Demmings, Val (DEM) *Incumbent
  • Francois, Vennia (REP)
  • Montague, Willie J. (REP)
  • Yasmine, Sufiyah (WRI)

District 11

  • Cottrell, Dana Marie (DEM)
  • Webster, Daniel (REP) *Incumbent

District 12

  • Bilirakis, Gus Michael (REP) *Incumbent
  • Walker, Kimberly (DEM)

District 13

  • Buck, George (REP)
  • Crist, Charlie (DEM) *Incumbent
  • Curnow, Jacob (WRI)
  • Griffin, Sheila (REP)
  • Luna, Anna Paulina (REP)
  • Makki, Amanda (REP)
  • Newby, Sharon Barry (REP)

District 14

  • Castor, Kathy (DEM) *Incumbent
  • Elliot, Paul Sidney (REP)
  • Quinn, Christine Y. (REP)

District 15

  • Cohn, Alan (DEM)
  • Franklin, Scott (REP)
  • Hattersley, Adam (DEM)
  • Philippe, Jesse (DEM)
  • Spano, Ross (REP) *Incumbent

District 16

  • Buchanan, Vern (REP) *Incumbent
  • Good, Margaret (DEM)

District 17

  • Ellison, Allen (DEM)
  • Murray, Theodore (NPA)
  • Steube, Greg (REP) *Incumbent

State Senate
(In districts serving the greater Tampa Bay area)

District 11

  • Adams, Joshua Eli (REP)
  • Bracy, Randolph (DEM) *Incumbent

District 13

  • Anderson, Josh (REP)
  • Stewart, Linda (DEM) *Incumbent

District 15

  • James, Mike (NPA)
  • Minnis Jr, Louis T. (REP)
  • Torres Jr, Victor M. (DEM) *Incumbent

District 17

  • Fretwell, Scot (DEM)
  • Mayfield, Debbie (REP) *Incumbent
  • Snyder, Phillip (NPA)

District 19

  • Paylan, Christina (NPA)
  • Rouson, Darryl Ervin (DEM) *Incumbent

District 21

  • Boyd, Jim (REP)
  • Houman, John Manners (REP)
  • Linton, Amanda V. (DEM)

District 23

  • Gruters, Joe (REP) *Incumbent
  • Kaplan, Robert (NPA)
  • Norman, Katherine (DEM)

State House of Representatives
(In districts serving the greater Tampa Bay area)

District 32

  • Dukes, Stephanie L. (DEM)
  • Kero, Linda (DEM)
  • Morales, Ryan (DEM)
  • Sabatini, Anthony  (REP) *Incumbent

District 33

  • Hage, Brett T. (REP) *Incumbent
  • Melvin, Mamie "Dee" (DEM)

District 34

  • Gosai, Dushyant Jethagir (DEM)
  • Massullo Jr, Ralph E. (REP) *Incumbent

District 35

  • Ingoglia, Blaise (REP) *Incumbent
  • Laufenberg, Keith G. (DEM)

District 36

  • Endonino, Daniel (DEM)
  • Mariano, Amber (REP) *Incumbent

District 37

  • Garcia, Tammy (DEM)
  • Zika, Ardian (REP) *Incumbent

District 38

  • Maggard, Randy (REP) *Incumbent
  • Staver, Brian (DEM)

District 39

  • Cause, Chris (DEM)
  • Tomkow, Josie (REP) *Incumbent

District 40

  • Barrow, Jan (DEM)
  • Burton, Colleen (REP) *Incumbent
  • Michie, Emily (NPA)

District 41

  • Killebrew, Sam (REP) *Incumbent
  • West, Jared (DEM)

District 42

  • Cady, Barbara Ann (DEM)
  • Hawkins, Fred (REP)
  • Liebnitzky, Dianna (REP)
  • Sanchez, Leroy (NPA)
  • Scott, Gary (REP)
  • Valentin, Bienvenido "Benny" (REP)

District 43

  • Arrington, Kristen (DEM)
  • Barrio, Alex (DEM)
  • Irizarry Sr, Carlos L. (DEM)
  • Jeng, Horng "Andrew" (DEM)
  • Lyles, Tamika (DEM)
  • Rangel, Ricardo (DEM)

District 44

  • Blanco, Frank Edel (REP)
  • Farrell, Andy (DEM)
  • Portigliatti, Bruno (REP)
  • Thompson, Geraldine F. (DEM) *Incumbent

District 45

  • Brown, Kamia L. (DEM) *Incumbent

District 46

  • McCurdy, Travaris (DEM)

District 47

  • Eskamani, Anna V. (DEM) *Incumbent
  • Morenski, Kevin (REP)
  • Sisson, Jeremy (REP)

District 48

  • Martinez, Jesus (REP)
  • Morales, Daisy (DEM)
  • Pena, Nelson (DEM)
  • Rocha, Julio (DEM)
  • Tsonis, Tony (DEM)
  • Vilchez Santiago, Samuel (DEM)

District 55

  • Hancock, Ned (REP)
  • Hensley, Jacob (WRI)
  • Tripp, Linda (DEM)
  • Tuck, Kaylee (REP)

District 56

  • Bautista, Eric (DEM)
  • Bell, Melony (REP) *Incumbent
  • Davis, James (DEM)

District 57

  • Beltran, Mike (REP) *Incumbent
  • Hottenstein, Scott "Mr. H" (DEM)

District 58

  • McClure, Lawrence (REP) *Incumbent
  • Townsend Jr, Cleo L. "CL" (DEM)

District 59

  • Kushmer, Danny (REP)
  • Learned, Andrew (DEM)
  • Owen, Michael (REP)

District 60

  • Jenkinds, Julie (DEM)
  • Toledo, Jackie (REP) *Incumbent

District 61

  • Hart, Dianne "Ms. Dee" (DEM) *Incumbent

District 62

  • Rodriguez-Person, Laurie (NPA)
  • Urbina Capo, Angel S. (REP)
  • Valdes, Susan L. (DEM) *Incumbent

District 63

  • Driskell, Fentrice (DEM) *Incumbent

District 64

  • Grant, James (REP) *Incumbent
  • Harrington, Jessica (DEM)

District 65

  • Johnson, Kelly (DEM)
  • Sprowls, Chris (REP) *Incumbent

District 66

  • DiCeglie, Nick (REP) *Incumbent
  • Plantamura, Patricia M. (DEM)

District 67

  • Douglas, Dawn (DEM)
  • Henkel, Michael R. "Mike" (DEM)
  • Latvala, Chris (REP) *Incumbent

District 68

  • Diamond, Ben (DEM) *Incumbent
  • Tito, Matt (REP)

District 69

  • Chaney, Linda (REP)
  • Webb, Jennifer N. (DEM) *Incumbent

District 70

  • Bell, Keisha (DEM)
  • Grimsley, Michelle (DEM)
  • Oliver, Mark (DEM)
  • Rayner, Michele K. (DEM)

District 71

  • Mele, Andy (DEM)
  • Robinson, Will (REP) *Incumbent

District 72

  • Barcomb, Donna (REP)
  • Buckman, Drake (DEM)
  • McFarland, Fiona (REP)
  • Miller, Jason (REP)

District 73

  • Fairey, David Reeves (DEM)
  • Gregory, Tommy (REP) *Incumbent

District 74

  • Buchanan, James (REP) *Incumbent
  • Stortstrom, Lisa (DEM)

District 75

  • Grant, Michael (REP) *Incumbent
  • Jones, David G. (DEM)

State Attorney, Circuit Judge, and Public Defender races can be found on the Florida Department of State website.


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