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PolitiFact Looks At The 'Obameter' As Term Ends


As President Obama's second term ends, it's time to take a look back at some of the promises he's made. WUSF's Steve Newborn talks with Katie Sanders of PolitiFact Florida about the "Obameter," and whether he kept his promises - or broke them.


In the spirit of the season, PolitiFact is taking a look back into their Obameter to see if his promises were kept, broken or compromised.

Here's a few of their rulings:

Promises we’ve rated recently Extend Production Tax Credit to encourage renewable energyThe Promise: "Will . . . extend the federal Production Tax Credit (PTC) for 5 years to encourage the production of renewable energy." Update December 19th, 2016: Extension through 2020 passed with bipartisan support in 2015 Reduce earmarks to 1994 levelsThe Promise: "Barack Obama is committed to returning earmarks to less than $7.8 billion a year, the level they were at before 1994." Update December 19th, 2016: Earmarks aren't just at 1994 levels -- they're officially gone Require more disclosure and a waiting period for earmarks00000174-1250-d47e-a1f7-527516300000 The Promise: Through the "Transparency and Integrity in Earmarks Act, will shed light on all earmarks by disclosing the name of the legislator who asked for each earmark, along with a written justification, 72 hours before they can be approved by the full Senate." Update December 19th, 2016: Disclosure, waiting periods are moot with all earmarks now on ice   Make permanent the Research & Development tax creditThe Promise: The Research & Development tax credit and the renewable energy production tax credit are intended to spur innovation in the private sector, but the tax credits have expiration dates under current law. Obama would make them permanent. Update December 15th, 2016: Late in Obama's tenure, popular tax credit finally becomes permanent Begin removing combat brigades from IraqThe Promise: "Barack Obama will work with military commanders on the ground in Iraq and in consultation with the Iraqi government to end the war safely and responsibly within 16 months." Update December 14th, 2016: Conflict continues in Iraq Walk with picketers when collective bargaining rights are threatenedThe Promise: “If American workers are being denied their right to organize when I'm in the White House, I will put on a comfortable pair of shoes and I will walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States." Update December 14th, 2016: Obama never marched with union picketers   Mandate standards for securing personal dataThe Promise: "The federal government must partner with industry and our citizens to secure personal data stored on government and private systems. An Obama administration will institute a common standard for securing such data across industries." Update December 13th, 2016: Congress ignores Obama's plan to standardize personal data protection

Steve Newborn is a WUSF reporter and producer at WUSF covering environmental issues and politics in the Tampa Bay area.
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