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Decision Florida: Bringing Your Voice To The Political Discussion

This election season has been unprecedented – even by Florida’s standards. From the panhandle to the peninsula, the Sunshine State’s residents are talking about Trump vs. Clinton, the race for the U.S. Senate, new political boundaries and familiar issues: the economy, health care, water, education and guns.

That’s why WUSF 89.7 joined with other public radio stations across the state to bring you the voices of voters and a weekly discussion to help make sense of the issues.

Every Friday at 1 p.m., join us for Decision Florida – a live, hour-long call-in show. 

We’ll be talking politics from a Florida perspective and more importantly, taking your calls. Join us every Friday through Nov. 11.

The path to the White House goes through the Sunshine State. The presidential candidates have been busy stumping for votes here. So who are they counting on for support in what is shaping up to be a very tight election?

We want to hear from you. Share  with us  by calling 305-995-1800, or send us a message on social media using #DecisionFlorida.