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Manatee County 2016 Qualifying Candidates


The Following is a list of candidates who have qualified in Manatee County for the 2016 election cycle. The partisan races include party affiliation.  

For a list of state house and senate candidates, click here.

Cleark of the Circuit Court and Comptroller

  • Angelina "Angel" Colonneso, REP

County Commission, Dist. 1

  • Corie M. Holmes, REP
  • Priscilla Whisenant Trace, REP
  • Ronald Reagan, REP

County Commission Dist. 3

  • David Zaccagnino, NPA
  • Matthew J Bower, NPA
  • Stephen Jonsson, REP

County Commission Dist. 5

  • Kathleen S. Grant, REP
  • Vanessa A. Baugh, REP 

County Commission Dist. 7

  • Betsy Benac, REP
  • Jack Richardson, NPA

County Judge, Group 2

  • Doug Henderson 

School Board, Dist. 1

  • Edward G. Viltz
  • Gina K. Messenger
  • Linda S Schaich
  • Xtavia K. Bailey

School Board, Dist. 3

  • Charles S Conoley
  • Dave "Watchdog" Miner
  • Misty Martin Servia