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Scientist to Watch Scott's Climate Stance in Second Term

Eckerd College

One of the scientists who spoke with Governor Rick Scott about climate change watched election results from the party for losing candidate Charlie Crist.

Eckerd College marine science professor David Hastings said when he and four other scientists met with Scott in August, the governor didn’t react much to his concerns about rising sea levels. But Scott told him he was open to fixing some of the problems.

Hastings, a Crist supporter, said will watch the Republican governor in his second term. And federal agencies also may force Scott’s hand, he said.

“He hasn’t embraced the concept of the science of climate change, so I’m not especially hopeful. On the other hand, he does talk about solutions,” he said.

“So there’s still an opportunity for him to actually do something. And he’s mandated by the EPA, by the climate action plan to reduce the O2 emissions. So let’s see how he does that.”

Scott talked little of climate change during the campaign, only saying he was not a scientist.

But that didn't stop the special interest group NextGen Climate Action from spending millions backing Crist.