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Fact-Checking Crist Flip-Flops


In the race for Florida governor, the TV ads just keep coming.           

The latest ad from the Republican Party of Florida attacks Democratic candidate Charlie Crist for his changing positions on everything from party affiliation to Obamacare to the economic stimulus plan and abortion.

PolitiFact Florida saw the ad and fact-checked the flip flop accusations.

"Luckily, PolitiFact has something called the flip-o-meter so we have already looked at some of these things and looked at the rest just for this story," said Josh Gillin of PolitiFact Florida. "In the case of his party affiliation I think we all know that the full flop is in effect here. He was a Republican then he went independent when he lost the Republican primary for Senate to Marco Rubio and is now a Democrat."

Crist also rated a full flop on the health care law.

"First he said he wanted to repeal it, then he said he would have voted for it, then he said he wanted to modify it and now he says it's a great idea," Gillin explained.

Crist's position on the economic stimulus package only rates a half flip.

"Back when he was governor he was all for it. The state really needed that stimulus money," said Gillin. "Then when he was running for Senate he kind of backed off on that a little bit. And now he's back to liking it."

On abortion. Charlie Crist is consistent in his inconsistency.

"He calls himself pro-life and pro-choice but he has always said there should be some kind of wiggle room that allows people to get abortions in certain cases," Gillin said. "Right now we call that a half flip."