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VIDEO: Rubio's Sunday Immigration Talk Show Blitz in 3 Minutes

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Screen grab
Courtesy of the Washington Post

My husband is a political show junkie, but not even he had time to catch all seven of Marco Rubio's Sunday morning TV news appearances. 

Yes, seven. That's a record, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The Republican Senator went on a media blitz to tout the bipartisan immigration reform bill he's been crafting as part of a Congressional posse known as the Gang of Eight. The bill is expected to be revealed any day now.

If you were channel-surfing on Sunday, you would've seen Rubio on these network news programs:

  • ABC: This Week
  • CBS: Face the Nation
  • CNN: State of the Union
  • Fox News: Fox News Sunday
  • NBC: Meet the Press
  • Telemundo (Spanish-language): Enfoque ("Focus")
  • Univisión (Spanish-language): Al Punto ("To the Point")

In addition to immigration reform, Rubio also discussed gun violence and Beyonce and Jay-Z's recent trip to Cuba. In case you missed any of it, here's a mash-up of Rubio's TV appearances (the ones in English, at least), courtesy of the Washington Post