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Group Focuses on Stopping "The Lens" on St. Pete's Waterfront

The fate of that iconic upside-down pyramid on St. Petersburg's waterfront may be sealed - but some people don't think it's a fait accompli that the new design called "The Lens" will be its replacement.

Mayor Bill Foster says he won't change his plans to keep moving ahead with plans to build a replacement for the 1970's-era St. Petersburg Pier, which engineers claim will soon become unusable because of crumbling concrete supports over the water.

That didn't stop representatives of several groups from holding a rally on the steps of St. Petersburg City Hall called "Stop the Lens." They're not pleased they are being denied a vote on a plan to demolish the Pyramid pier. One of the speakers is Tom Lambdon,  is chairman of a group called "Vote on the Pier." They collected 23,00 signatures on petitions calling for a vote on a new pier... an idea the city council rejected.

WUSF's Steve Newborn talks with Lambdon about how they will pressure city council members to reverse their decision.