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President Obama Energizes Supporters in Seminole

President Obama is hitting the campaign trail in a mission to energize voters for the upcoming election—and no place more important than battleground state Florida.

His message to an audience at St. Petersburg College in Seminole Saturday was clear--get out and vote.

The hot sun didn’t keep around 11-thousand supporters from hearing the president speak.

Meredith Machler, left the packed soccer field-- excited for another four years.

“I like that he has a plan to help us, to get us out of this recession,” she said.

The president  identified four points of improvement and he acknowledged that Florida is a hot spot for politicians.

Recent polls show President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney nearly tied.

“I know you have a lot of national republicans in the neighborhood, making their argument, we’ve made ours, and now we have a choice to make and by the way…don’t boo…vote!”said Obama. 

President Obama has visited Florida 10 times just this year.