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Four Signs That The New Neighbors Are Squatters During RNC

Courtesy of Between Brackets blog

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is asking the locals to watch out for anyone taking over vacant homes during the Republican National Convention. 

Hotels are booked and authorities say the thousands of protesters will be looking for a place to stay and may become squatters at homes that have been left empty. 

Sherriff's Detective Larry McKinnon says there are at least four red flags for squatters that you should watch for:

1) Numerous people suddenly moving into a vacant home or business.

2) Tents erected within backyards or uncommon areas.

3) Anarchist graffiti on boarded up buildings or public places.

4) Making flags to represent their cause.

The Sheriff's Department says if you see such activity, please contact them.

In some American cities, the Occupy movement protesters have been squatting in vacant houses.  The Seattle Times reported on it late last year.

In Seattle, protesters have taken over a formerly boarded-up duplex across the street from Garfield High School. They have painted the bare wood sidings with green, black and red paint, and they have strung up a banner that says "Occupy Everything — No Banks No Landlords." The red and black anarchist flag also decorates the front.

Among the protestors expected for the RNC, are the "RNC Welcoming Committee," and "The Tampa Bay Action Committee," which are known for trying to create mayhem. The RNC runs from August 27-30 in downtown Tampa, with some venues outside of the city.

This video was posted on YouTube under the profile "VforVendetta12345678."



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