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Politifact Florida says MoveOn.Org Wrong on Scott Voter Purge


Leading up to the November presidential election, there has been plenty of talk in Florida about voting.

Not just who to vote for, but who can actually vote in the state.

We're talking about The Scott administration's effort to purge non-citizens from the voter rolls.

That has led to plenty of controversies, several lawsuits and some claims that have drawn the attention of PolitiFact Florida.

PolitiFact Florida's Angie Holan says MoveOn.org has been emailing accusations about the Florida voter purge which PolitiFact Florida has ruled false.

MoveOn.org says:

"Republican Governor Rick Scott tried to kick 180,000 people off the voter rolls in his state and is now suing the Department of Justice after they stepped in to stop him," the June 27 fundraising email said. "Rick Scott's racist voter purge -- which directly targets Latino voters -- is so egregious that every one of the 67 supervisors of elections in the state -- Democrats, Republicans, and independents -- has so far refused to carry it out."

Let's start with MoveOn.org's claim that the state tried to kick 180,000 people off the voter rolls.

PolitiFact Florida says:

"The state found 180,000 names that they considered potential noncitizens. But the state government itself does not have the power to remove people from the voting rolls -- that power lies with the local supervisors of elections.
It’s important to note here that the state did not send all 180,000 names to the local supervisors. Instead, the state identified a much smaller subset of potential non-citizens and sent those names to the local supervisors in April. "

Two thousand six hundred names were sent to the local supervisors, not 180,000 names.

PolitiFact Florida say the claim that the state tried to kick 180,000 people off the voter rolls is false.

When it comes to county election board supervisors refusing to carry out the voter purge, PolitiFact Florida found that:

"Actually, many supervisors began to carry out the state directive to verify the citizenship of some voters, starting in April and continuing for several weeks. We only found one county -- Palm Beach -- that never contacted voters on the list at all. (We contacted about eight counties and the statewide association.) Ultimately, the Justice Department and supervisors themselves raised concerns about the list. It was at this point that many supervisors halted the purge. We also found at least two counties that did, in fact, carry out Scott's plan. "

PolitiFact Florida ruled that this MoveOn.org claim about the Florida voter purge is also false.

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