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Florida Representatives Battle for Speaker of the House Years in Advance

David July

Would you vote for someone before you even got to know them? 

One Florida lawmaker is asking to be selected as the House Speaker... six years in advance. 

As soon as Florida Representatives make their way into the House, the clock starts ticking. 

Candidates can only serve four two year terms, eight years all together.  That means if they have any ambitions for Speaker of the House, they have to get the ball rolling early to gain enough support. 

According to University of South Florida Political Science Professor Susan MacManus, this battle can put unqualified leaders in the important roll of Speaker.

"To many people,  it looks like it's all about personal gratification and power mongering," she says, "as opposed to governing."

The latest example of this is Rep. Jose Olivia of Miami Lakes. With the next three speakers already chosen, Olivia is vying for the position six years in advance, even though he has been in office for less than a year.